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King For A Day - EC300 Gets a great review from

2014 EC300
The 2014 GasGas EC300 Receives a Rave review.
Chilly writes "For one day, actually two days, the Gas Gas EC300 was king. If I lived in that kind of terrain, it would play king far more often. It is a real hero maker. Smooth, easy to ride and pure joy when the going gets tough, that is the calling card of the Spanish marque."

"The following day we did a longer ride with more people in the group. Time after time the Gas Gas chugged up hills that others struggled on. Needless to say I kept the bike for myself, I wasn't going to let go of the GG when it made me look so good. Besides, I was just having a great time riding it. There are very few days when I feel so completely in tune with one bike. The nastier the trail, the more it shined."

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